Wicked Quake

Production Summary:

Type: Quake MOD

Year: 1996-1997

badblood.twn (Modeling)
doc.twn (QuakeC)
latz.twn (Sound)
mox.twn (Map Design)

Download: ZIP

Wicked Quake was the first major production by The Wicked Net. It took us about one whole year to get this project done.
The work on this project covered many different areas: from QuakeC development, sound editing, modeling to level design.

The goal with Wicked Quake was to create a very varied deathmatch MOD which would be fun to play without making the MOD too bloated with unbalanced weapons and useless items.
You could actually call Wicked Quake a mix of our favourite Quake MODs, it has got the grappling hook from CTF, the lightsaber from the starwars MOD, the flamethrower from one of the Quake Mission Packs etc.

Developing Wicked Quake was a lot of fun and playing it is even more. We're still playing Wicked Quake from time to time, and even if it's only to remind ourselves of the good old times...


In Depth Look
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The Features

* Anti Camping Mechanism (can be switched on and off, default off)

We implemented a mechanism that scanned the positions of all players every few seconds. If a player stays too long in the same area for about 10 seconds he'll got a warning, if he still hasn't moved 10 seconds later it will rain blood and gibs.

* Speed Mode (can be switched on and off, default off)

The speed of the weapons will be increased by 10. It will only take 5 seconds to shoot about 100 rockets, so watch out, self-damage will still be enabled. In addition to the extreme weapon speed, the ammo supplies won't dissapear anymore. If you pass over some ammo your ammo-stock will also refill 10 times faster.
This mode could also be called extreme chaos mode because that's just what you get when you turn it on.


When you frag an opponent it will start raining blood and gibs like you've never seen before. We already encountered some problems with this feature when there were too many players being fragged at the same time, it crashed the game.

The Weapons

Grappling Hook

Throwing Axe

Light Saber

The mighty weapon from the Star Wars Movies, extremly useful during close encouters.


Another deadly weapon for close encounters, the Chainsaw from the good old DOOM times. The favourite weapon of every splatter-movie fan.





Atomic Grenades

Atomic Rockest

Tesla Coil



Cluster Grenades

Pipe Bombs


The Items